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The Roselily On the Go is the ultimate personal touch and intimacy every bride deserves! This 2 hour appointment brings the bridal dress experience to you! This package allows you to choose the location of your choice for your appointment, whether it be your family home, wedding venue, church, honestly the skies the limit with this one. The Roselily On the Go allows you to host as many or as little of your bride tribe your heart desires. You create the atmosphere you want, and we will bring the gowns and wedding dress dreams to life in your personalized setting. The best part, there’s no limit to how many guests, food, drinks, and/or party supplies you can have! Girl make this day yours!!!!! 


Now lets get this party started and say yes to the dress!

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Roselily Logo in Gold (1).png
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Book Your Appointment

How to book Roselily on the Go?

Please allow at least one weeks notice to ensure we have absolutely everything we need to make your bridal dreams come true! Book online or call at 509-942-9106 (restrictions and guidelines apply). 

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